World Health Organization brings to Estonia eHealth experts from six countries

In May 16-17 eHealth experts from six countries were invited to Estonia by World Health Organization to attend a two day European Technical Consultative Meeting on eHealth Data Standardization and Interoperability.

The consultative technical meeting held in Tallinn is part of the WHO series of technical meetings that are held to address all aspects of standards need, development, adaptation and adoption for timely and meaningful data interchange in a country’s eHealth context. Each technical meeting is expected to incrementally contribute to the development and utilization of health data standards.

Transmitting personal or population data across ICT-driven health information systems requires adherence to health data standards and related technology standards for timely exchange of data for healthcare decisions. Lack of data interoperability within and between systems not only hinders care and leads to fragmentation of health information systems but at times can also cause fatalities.

Besides Estonian delegation eHealth experts from Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia, UK and Norway attended the meetings. During their stay members also visited Estonian eHealth Foundation, Ministry of Social Affairs and East-Tallinn Central Hospital to learn more about Estonian e-solutions within the health care system.

who 17062013

The Chief architect from Estonian eHealth Foundation, Artur Novek is introducing national eHealth information systems