Activities 2010

Eurorec Annual Conference in Tallinn

The Eurorec AnnualConference took place in Tallinn on June 18, 2010. Please take a look at theconference presentations in here:

EuroRec Annual Conference 2010 participants, and EHR-QTN project team members

October 3-15, 2010 International eHealth conference "Have an eHealth experience in Tallinn"

EHR-QTN project was introduced at the conference, and informational leaflets about the project were disseminated. See more information on the conference here

December 1, 2010, Quarterly Developers Seminar, Türi-Alliku

On December 1, 2010 another quarterly Developers Seminar organised by the Estonian eHealth Foundation took place at Türi-Alliku. A presentation on EHR-QTN certification process and EuroRec tools was given to the developers.

Continued translations of EuroRec Repository statements. Translations will be ready by end of January 2011.