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Currently there is a situation where the research results are being exchanged digitally. However, these results are deleted quickly because the doctors’ information systems are quite overloaded. The main issue is that the majority of health care institutions are not able to archive research results digitally because of the large-volume data contained in these result.

    Therefore, we currently face the following problems:
  • It is not possible to monitor the progression of a disease throughout the years.
  • It is not possible to involve (international) experts in getting an opinion on complicated problems.
  • Patient has to get more frequent radiological examinations, and this puts the patient in danger of being overexposed to radiation.
  • It is not possible to effectively use the research videos made with complicated diagnostic equipment.
  • According to law it is obligatory to store research data for 110 years. Currently it is not possible when the high-volume research data is concerned.
  • The project’s goal established by the project team is to create necessary means and opportunities in order to eliminate the above indicated five problems.
    End result:
  • The health history contained within the electronic health record will have links to research results.
  • The doctor will have access to a channel through which it is possible to load necessary information into his computer.
  • In order to view the research results, the doctor will load the results into his computer. These research results will remain in the system even if they will be deleted from the computer.
  • People do not have to have as many radiological examinations.
  • The research videos will be used more effectively.
  • The research results will be stored for at least 110 years.