DIGIMPACT Final Report

This report reflects the results of the DIGIMPACT project. The project was initiated by the Estonian eHealth Foundation to support the implementation of the national EHR system through an evaluation framework.

The primary purpose of DIGIMPACT project was to develop adequate methodology to evaluate the impact of the implementation of a nationwide Electronic Health Record. The analysis of potential costs and benefits associated with the implementation of the EHR was carried out on the basis of the PENG method, specially designed to evaluate IT investments. This method was chosen primarily because of its integrated approach, enabling both numerical and non-numerical data to be compiled. Type II diabetes was used as the model disease in calculating the benefits for patients, health care providers and citizens/society. Chapter VII of the report sets out the policy recommendations that were made during the last phase of the project.

The evaluation framework developed during the project should enable an improved decision-making process, and increase information, motivation and trust among all health system stakeholders in using ICT solutions.

DIGIMPACT Final Report

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