Technical Solution

In its essence, the Estonian National Health Information System (ENHIS) is an integration environment that will be developed without modifying the existing information systems in hospitals and their doctors’ applications (the systems will merely need minor adjustment for enabling them to support central message-based data exchange).

Technical Architecture

    Important keywords of the digital information system architecture are:
  • service oriented architecture (SOA).
  • standard communication method with external information systems via common message centre.
  • autonomous services.
  • scalability and fault-free – backed up in two locations.
  • adding new services is extremely easy.

Partners who are interfacing with ENHIS and internal services use a unified message module (agent centre). The preferred integration mode for information system modules is integration through the agent centre.

    Agent centre offers the following services to other partners in the information system:
  • central security solution.
  • administration of rights and users.
  • authentication and authorization of users.
  • integration with external information systems (via Xtee).
  • message administration and message-based integration with other information system modules
  • logging