Regional Telemedicine Forum project results presented at e-health conference in Lulea

In Midsummer Week, 19-20 June, the Arctic Light e-He@lth Conference ALEC 2012 took place in Luleå, Sweden. Leading politicians, business leaders, operators and public sector officials from all over Europe met to discuss the healthcare of the future.

The topics covered included strategies for implementing telemedicine, interregional cooperation in the field of e-health, possibilities and challenges with an ageing population etc. One of the aims of the conference was to introduce the results of Regional Telemedicine Forum (RTF) project.

Dr Peeter Ross from Estonian eHealth Foundation presented policy recommendations for wider implementation of telemedicine which were conducted by RTF project partners from 9 different regions of Europe.

The main goal of policy recommendations is to improve patient care and healthcare system efficiency as well as market development for regional SMEs. The document could be used by the European regions in their efforts to release the potential of wider implementation and deployment of telemedicine services at regional level.

Partners of RTF project have identified that all regions experience difficulties when applying telemedicine services in routine operation. The reasons are complex, and it is important to focus besides clinical, economic, organizational, technological, legal and safety requirements also on political issues at different levels – European, national, regional and local.

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