The Estonian Parliament legalized eHealth projects

On December 20, 2007, the Estonian Parliament (in Estonian: the Riigikogu) ratified the amendment act that establishes the legal basis for implementing the eHealth projects. The Draft of the Health Services Organization Act and Associated Acts Amendment Act provides the legal basis for future development of various eHealth initiatives such as the Electronic Health Record, Digital Image, Digital Registration and Digital Prescription. The goal of these accepted changes is to unify all information systems created for a specific health care organization into one central health information system.

The concept of eHealth is to create a basis to enable the electronic processing of different medical documents. Paper documents will be gradually replaced by digital documents. The diagnostic systems and medical equipment will be interfaced with the information systems that allow us to quickly process information and utilize the modern methods of telemedicine.

The amendment act will be enforced September 1, 2008, and the gradual digitization of medical documents will continue until 2013.