The activity objectives of the Estonian eHealth Foundation are guided by the goal provided in its Statute to develop and manage the components of the Estonian health information system and to coordinate necessary activities related to achieving these goals. Therefore our activities are divided into three main areas:

  1. Developing and managing the health information system
    The three eHealth projects led by the Estonian eHealth Foundation - Electronic Health Record, Digital Registration, and Digital Image as well as the Digital Prescription project developed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund will come to an end in 2008. These four projects are the first developments of the health information system launched in the fall. The development of these eHealth projects begun in 2005; projects were initiated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and supported from the EU Structural Funds.
    You can read more about the projects by opening “Projects” from the menu.
    Starting from September 1, 2008 the task of the Estonian eHealth Foundation will be to manage and further develop the national health information system. The interfacing of the health care organizations with the health information system will be done gradually depending on the differences of the information technology capacity and software solutions of these organizations. The development of the components of the health information system will take place until 2013.
    You can read more about the health information system by opening “Health Information System” from the menu.
  2. Standardization
    The Estonian eHealth Foundation is responsible for national development and administration of classifiers, standards, and OIDs as well as for the creation of electronic documents, translation and harmonization of terminology in cooperation with professional associations, publishing, providing user support, etc. There are national as well as international standards, classifiers, and nomenclatures (SNOMED, HL7, etc.) used for standardization.
    The standards, classifiers and nomenclatures that will be implemented in the health information system are available on our homepage, under the section “Publishing Centre” in the menu.
  3. Developing the organization
    The fields of eHealth and information technology are fast developing areas that offer many challenges. In order to provide innovative, reliable and high quality solutions in changing environment we have to be actively engaged in developing our organization to be a centre of competency. This includes creating cooperation partnerships with parties in Estonia as well as in Europe, initiating new projects and participating in cooperation projects, informing the society about health related topics as well as supporting individual development of the members of the organization.

As of November 2007 the Estonian eHealth Foundation is part of EHTEL/ELO (European Health Telematics Associations /EHTEL-Like Organisations) network that is active as an e-health competency network in Europe.

As of December 2007 the Estonian eHealth Foundation is part of the European Commission’s workgroup, i2010 SubGroup on eHealth.

The Estonian eHealth Foundation participates as a project partner in the project „CALL for InterOPErability“(CALLIOPE). This project is financed from the European Commission program CIP PSP (Competiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, Policy Support Programme).
In order to find out more, please select “Projects” and “CALLIOPE.”

In December 2007 we initiated the Estonian Telemedicine Association active as a sub-organization of the Finnish Society of Telemedicine and eHealth. The goal of the association is to connect the promoters of the Estonian telemedicine and eHealth through establishing cooperation and discussion forum.
You can read more about the activities of the Estonian Telemedicine Association by opening “Telemedicine” from the menu.